Private Project

The Beauty of Natural Phenomena

Nature is mysterious and unpredictable, and very often leaves us astound at the inexplicable manifestations of its power. From bleeding stones, blue volcanoes, green sunset to river under a river, nature showcases plenitude of crazy phenomena...

As a child, I was enamoured with summer thunderstorms, captivated by their quiet beginnings and the thrill of the unknown. I would stand at the front door of my home, feeling the air shift with each weather change, filled with a sense of excitement and restlessness. Despite the uncertainties that come with a storm, most of the time it would simply end with the sun shining again, as if nothing had happened.

While some natural phenomena can have devastating effects on human life, when viewed through the lens of scientific understanding, they can also reveal a beauty and majesty that is truly breathtaking. This project was conceived as a tribute to the marvels of nature, a celebration of its captivating mysteries and awe-inspiring phenomena.