Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens M Mount

Explore the intersection of photographic innovation and artistic expression with the Lomography Atoll Ultra-Wide Art Lens. At its core lies the timeless allure of the 17mm focal length – a classic benchmark of the ultra-wide angle that has shaped the history of photographic lens development. 

Designed to transcend conventional boundaries, the Atoll lens invites photographers to explore new horizons and capture the world in all its breathtaking glory. With its expansive 103º field of view and rectilinear optic design, this lens delivers vibrant colors, minimal distortion, and stunning depth, ensuring every frame tells a compelling story. 

But the Atoll lens is more than just a technical marvel – it's a symbol of creativity and exploration. Crafted with precision and passion, this compact prime lens embodies the spirit of adventure that defines the Lomography ethos. From bustling cityscapes to serene natural vistas, the Atoll lens empowers photographers to see beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.



The name "Atoll" was carefully chosen to evoke a sense of expansive beauty and boundless creativity. Inspired by the mesmerising formations of natural atolls, the lens was envisioned as a tool for photographers to explore vast landscapes and capture immersive imagery. This connection is subtly reflected in the logo design, where the graphic representation of an atoll is integrated into the letter "o." This design element serves as a distinctive touchpoint, reinforcing the lens's identity and connection to its namesake.



Significant to the project was the creation of a packaging for the art lens and a printed photo book. More than just a manual, this book served as a storytelling platform, offering insights into the lens's design philosophy, technical specifications, and creative possibilities. Each page was curated to engage and inspire, featuring captivating imagery captured with the Atoll lens alongside practical tips and tricks for photographers.