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Archive App:
Digital Storage Vault

In today's digital era, our lives seamlessly blend the virtual and physical worlds. While a significant portion of our personal information resides in the cloud, there remains a tangible realm of documents – contracts, certificates, medical records – that linger in physical form. The challenge? Ensuring swift and secure access to these vital records, scattered across various locations, often demanding precious time and effort to gather.

That's where the Archive App comes in – it's designed to make managing important documents easy. The goal is simple: to keep all important records safe and make them easy to find whenever needed. No more searching through drawers or piles of paper. With the Archive App, the documents are stored securely and can be accessed whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Research & Analysis
I prepared a study to to define the main features for the proposed app and address the following questions:
- How do users store their personal information currently (medical records, insurance or tax details etc.)?
- How do users interact with existing digital products?
- What are user’s current pain points about accessing personal information?
- Is there a need for mobile app that stores personal information?
- What kind of information would user store in a mobile app?
The key findings indicated that the app should provide users with a straightforward and organised method of storing information and documentation. To facilitate this, I suggested implementing forms or templates for users to fill in when creating a new file.
Before beginning the sketching process, I conducted an investigation to identify all potential features. Subsequently, I prioritised these features and selected four key ones for incorporation into the design:
- Folder customisation to differentiate types of information.
- Pre-made templates for efficient and organised information extraction.
- The ability to add frequently used documents and information as favorites for faster search and access.
- Coloured name tags for documents to facilitate searching and filtering options.
The outcome of this project is a high-fidelity app prototype that offers users a secure way to store and access their personal information from their mobile device. The conducted user research was critical in determining the app's essential features and user preferences. The low-fidelity design phase and its subsequent testing with a sample group of users provided valuable feedback and informed the refinement of the designs. The high-fidelity user testing further provided opportunities for improvement and helped define the final product.